Overall the firm is regarded as being a ‘general practitioner’ and is not aiming to become seen as a specialist in one narrow field.

The ‘stages of life’ require different approaches and solutions. The financial services industry is good at packaging and marketing but we aim to cut through this to establish the individual needs of our clients. Modern life means that no financial plan can be left unattended. Life changes too much for this to be an acceptable approach, so we aim to review all our clients on a regular basis. Although the frequency may vary, the principle of regular reviews remains.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is even more relevant in today’s high-tech environment.

Financial Planning should be a lifelong discipline, but your needs will change continuously as outside influences affect you. There is no right answer, if this were the case we would be out of a job. Financial planning is a very individual and personal thing and ‘one size’ definitely doesn’t fit all.

At our first meeting we take you through a Confidential Questionnaire, designed to highlight all the potential areas of financial planning and how these might affect you and your family’s own plans. The process aims to help identify the matters which are a priority to you, not us. Our role is then to turn this into as structured plan for you to follow. We aim to review progress on a regular basis, which could be annually, less or more frequently by agreement. These reviews include a reappraisal of your objectives and priorities and we can adapt and amend your financial plan if necessary.

We offer all new clients an initial consultation free of charge. This enables potential clients to decide whether they are comfortable with us and feel we are the firm to entrust with their financial future and for us to identify the key areas where we feel we can help. A second meeting is then arranged to carry out the important fact-finding exercise, bringing us up to speed on the current financial situation and to agree the key priorities. We will then carry out any additional research required and formulate our recommendations. A third meeting is arranged, to discuss the proposals and make any changes necessary before proceeding with their implementation.

There are essentially three ways we can help you (Advice Options), - and three ways of paying for our services (Remuneration Options).